Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Explained

Low Cost Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce and family law in Vancouver, Washington and throughout Washington State:



For the first one-hour consultation, either in person or by telephone conference call, the cost is $95.


If you are ready to hire me to handle your uncontested divorce or family law matter during that hour, the consultation fee of $95 is applied to the flat fee of $795 to $995.


If both parties are in agreement, I can meet with both parties to go over the law and process in Washington to help them negotiate the details of their agreement. If I have met with both parties, I cannot later represent one party in a contested case.


If it is not yet known whether the parties will agree, I can meet with one party and they can then go over the issues and negotiate with the other party. If the matter becomes contested and I have met with only one party, I can represent that party in court at an hourly rate.


I file all documents in a flat fee uncontested divorce and family law case. I also present the final orders to the judge at the end of the 90-day mandatory waiting period. Parties are invited to attend court with me but it is not required that they attend so long as both parties have signed off on the agreement.


Dissolution and Separation Filing Fees are currently $314, unless waived by the court due to low income.