Fees & Costs

We explain all costs and fees up front and let you decide how much you want to do on your own. If all you need is an attorney to review your paperwork before you file it with the court that is all we will do. No high pressure sales, no large retainer fees, no hidden costs. We can make it easier for you to file your case on your own by preparing your paperwork for you or we can handle your uncontested case from start to finish for a flat fee.


We also handle mediation for parties that would like to attempt to negotiate and reach agreements. One hour of mediation is included in the flat fee if paid at the initial consultation. One hour is usually all the time it takes to determine whether the parties will likely be able to reach agreement. You may request additional mediation for $210 per hour.
Questions about fees and costs? No charge for a 5 minute telephone call.


Uncontested Flat Fee Divorce: $95 for the first hour of consultation for uncontested divorce (either in person, by telephone, conference call or skype). Includes mediation if both parties are present

Flat Fee For Uncontested Divorce and Modification: $795 to $995.*

We offer a flat fee for uncontested dissolution (divorce), and uncontested modifications of child support and parenting plans. Currently, our flat fee is $795 to $995 for uncontested divorce and modification (with or without children). This includes a one-hour consultation or mediation session, drafting all necessary documents and pleadings, filing them with the Superior Court of Washington, obtaining the judge’s signature and finalizing the matter.


*Filing Fee is currently $314. Ask about qualifying to waive the filing fee if your expenses exceed your income.

Flat Fee for Drafting of Divorce Documents (no court appearances): $595 to $695 (with or without children)

If you simply need an attorney to draft or revise your paperwork before filing, we offer a $595 to $695 flat fee for drafting all dissolution or modification documents.


Just need advice? $195/first hour (waived if flat fee is paid during the first consultation).


A one-hour consultation will start the process.


Visa/Mastercard accepted if arranged in advance