Uncontested Divorce in Washington

Uncontested Divorce, generally $795 to $995 Flat Fee applies for drafting documents and all court appearances.

Uncontested Family Law, drafting documents only (no court appearances) starts at $595 Flat Fee for drafting documents (no children).


Uncontested Low Cost Flat Fee Divorce

Kari Rose-Adams is founder of Kari B. Rose, P.S., a family law firm specializing in Low Cost & Flat Fee Attorney and Mediation Services in uncontested divorce and family law cases in Washington. We are now able to offer our services to King County, Pierce County, Thurston County, Cowlitz County and all family law litigants in Washington who seek to minimize the financial and negative emotional impact of divorce.


Flat Fee

Flat fee includes a one-hour consultation or mediation session (in person, facetime, or by telephone), and the completion of all court documents drafted to reflect the parties’ agreement. It also includes all telephone calls and court appearances necessary to effectuate the agreement of the parties. In these cases, neither party needs to take time out of his or her schedule to go to court (unless they prefer to come along to finalize the case).


Division of Assets

Sometimes we do not have all the information needed to come to an agreement. If that happens, we employ the assistance of experts such as trusted licensed real estate appraisers, business appraisers and pension and retirement appraisers.


Best Interests of Children

If you have children and need some guidance as to the children’s best interests, we have developed a list of trusted and experienced professionals such as child psychologists, behavioral and sensory processing specialists and counselors to assist you in supporting your children through the process of divorce.


About Our Practice

We offer divorcing couples the chance to come to agreement after a thorough discussion of the law and process of divorce in Washington State. We believe people going through divorce have the same right as married couples to decide what is best for their families and to come to agreement without interference from attorneys and other non-party persons who may have a financial and/or emotional stake in continuing long and drawn out court battles. We try to help you take control of your divorce and family law issues by offering an alternative to the financial and emotional treadmill of litigation.


Other Areas of Practice

Family Law includes Divorce, Child Support Modifications, Parenting Plan Modifications, Child Support Modifications, Paternity, Non-Parental Custody, Adoption, and Guardianships.*


Wills, Personal Injury

*Contested cases and subsequent mediation are at an hourly rate of $195 per hour–>