Why do I need an attorney for my uncontested divorce?

Many times people believe that they can draft divorce papers on their own. While they may be able to do it, oftentimes they do not include all assets or do not draft provisions that will protect the parties’ intended agreement. If you own a home or have retirement or financial accounts, you may also need advice as to how best to ensure that the agreement will be enforced. If you have children it is especially important to understand the laws and the procedure in Washington so that the orders are drafted correctly, will be enforceable by a judge in the future, and will not end up causing you unintended consequences. I have the advantage of having seen issues come up later on after divorces are finalized, spouses remarried, and children grown up and gone off to college. I can offer advice as to how best to draft your documents so that they grow with you and your family’s future life changes.

What if all I want is some advice?

For uncontested cases, I offer a one hour consultation for $95. If during that hour you decide you want me to handle your case for you I will deduct that amount from the $795 to $995 flat fee. During that time one or both parties can come in and give me the information that they have agreed upon in advance, or we can use that hour to mediate issues. During the initial consultation I will listen to what each parties’ interests are, what is most important to each of them, and advise as to whether and how best they can achieve their common goals. During that hour, if everyone is on board and we have come up with a good plan (or are on the right track), I will draft the agreement on the appropriate forms that the courts require and get it back to you in a short amount of time.

What happens after we file the Petition for Dissolution?

After filing the initial petition for dissolution, the 90 day mandatory waiting period begins. During that time if things change such as the sale of a house, debt is paid off or other changes occur, I can incorporate them into the final agreement called the Divorce Decree. Toward the end of the 90 day waiting period I will send you the final divorce papers to review. At that time if things have changed and you want them incorporated into your agreement, just let me know and I will make the changes for you. Once you approve your papers you just need to print, sign and date them and return them to my office. I will get them entered with the court as soon as possible, usually within a few days of receiving them from you. You never have to enter the courthouse unless you would like to come with me to file or finalize your divorce.


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