Uncontested Divorce in Washington

Uncontested/Non-contested Flat Fee Divorce

Flat fee includes a one-hour consultation or mediation session (in person, facetime, or by telephone), and the completion of all court documents by the attorney, drafted to reflect the divorcing parties’ agreement. It also includes all telephone calls and court appearances necessary to effectuate the agreement of the parties. In these cases, neither party needs to take time out of his or her schedule to go to court (unless they prefer to come along with me to finalize the case).

I. Division of Assets & Debts:

Sometimes we do not have all the information needed to come to an agreement. If that happens, we can employ the assistance of experts such as trusted licensed real estate appraisers, business appraisers and pension and retirement appraisers.

II. Best interests of the Children:

If you have children and need some guidance as to the children’s best interests, I have developed a list of trusted and experienced professionals such as child psychologists, behavioral and sensory processing specialists and counselors to assist you in supporting your children through the process of divorce.

III. Maintenance/Alimony

Maintenance issues (in other states called alimony) can be resolved by negotiation or simply drafted to reflect the parties’ agreement. We go over the legal basis for maintenance in Washington and the general guidelines used to determine when a spouse is entitled to maintenance.

Uncontested Divorce in All Counties in Washington

Although our practice is located in Clark County, Washington, we are set up to handle your uncontested matter via internet, telephone conferencing, skype and facetime. Our Flat Fee applies to unbundled uncontested legal services in all counties and cities in Washington, including:

Clark County, WA

I can hand deliver your documents to be signed by the judge in Clark County whether or not you reside here so long as both parties agree. Call me to discuss the pros and cons of this option.

King County, WA

Uncontested Divorce in King County – Seattle, WA and Kent, WA

Seattle and Kent (King County) encourages filing cases electronically via the internet or by e-file. This allows us to draft papers pursuant to your agreement and file them for you without you ever having to drive to downtown Seattle or go to court.

Seattle Uncontested Divorce Requirements

King County requires an unrepresented party to a divorce to attend a FLO (Family Law Orientation) in addition to filing all documentation. That requirement is waived if you are represented by an attorney.
King County will issue a case schedule at the time the case is filed. This is just in case the matter becomes contested and there turns out to be a need to go to court down the road. If all parties remain in agreement, I can finalize the case after the mandatory 90 day waiting period without going to court. There is an ex parte fee of $30 that is incurred for presentation to the judge and minor additional costs for copies of documents.

Lincoln County, WA

Lincoln County only allows entry of uncontested cases by mail. Call me to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of filing in Lincoln County, Washington.

Pierce County, WA

On some occasions Pierce County allows final orders to be entered via internet for a $30 ex parte fee. Other times the judge’s prefer that one party is present when entering court orders. If that happens I can arrange to be present via telephone conference call for an additional charge imposed by the court.

Snohomish County

I can draft all documents, file them by mail or email and answer all your questions. However, at this time Snohomish County requires one or both parties be present in court at the end of the 90 day waiting period to in order to finalize the divorce.

We provide Uncontested Divorce Services in Other Counties & Cities in Washington

  • Cowlitz County, WA
  • Thurston County, WA
  • Lewis County, WA
  • Grant County, WA
  • Yakima County, WA
  • Benton County, WA
  • Spokane County, WA
  • Grays Harbor County, WA
  • Kitsap County, WA
  • Skagit County, WA
  • Franklin County, WA
  • Island County, WA


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Family Law in Clark County, Washington

If you reside in Clark County Washington and the case can be filed here, we can also handle other family law matters for you such as contested divorce and separation, parenting plan modifications, child support modifications, paternity actions, non-parental custody actions, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, adoptions and guardianships, personal injury accident cases, and wills and trusts.

*Contested cases bill at an hourly rate of $250 per hour and attorney mediation is billed at an hourly rate of $195 per hour.