Stress Free and Affordable, Uncontested Divorce Attorney Services

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, the parties are in agreement about how to allocate debts, divide up the marital property, make custody arrangement for minor children, and set spousal and/or child support in advance. It is an inexpensive and straightforward process that gives you and your spouse the opportunity to end your marriage calmly, and more importantly, with dignity. Even if you don’t know if you are in agreement, sometimes it helps to meet with a lawyer to discuss the issues and find out whether you can come to an agreement. Sometimes a little mediation can go a long way.

The Benefits of Hiring An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

A traditional divorce proceeding can linger on for months, sometimes even years depending on how complicated it is, and can end up being extremely expensive. If, however, you and your spouse can reach an agreement regarding all the applicable aspects of your divorce, you can get an uncontested divorce on your own terms and in a fast, professional manner. The reasonable flat fees I offer with my uncontested divorce cases provide you with a financial incentive to achieve a fair and amicable resolution to your marriage.

When you hire me as your uncontested divorce attorney, you will benefit from having an experienced no fault divorce lawyer by your side, creating and reviewing all necessary documents and avoiding the risk of potential procedural errors that are common when people try to do it themselves. Hiring me to handle your uncontested dissolution will leave you with the peace of knowing that everything will be handled efficiently and appropriately. I also have trusted contacts that I have access to, including pension, business and real estate appraisers should you need their expertise, as well as counselors and child psychologists that who can help ease the emotional stress of children who may be involved.

Stress Free, Affordable No Fault Divorce Process

Thanks to the flawless integration of technology, including texting, email, file sharing, and encrypting sensitive information that I utilize as part of my uncontested divorce attorney services, it is possible to almost instantly make the consistent and quick connections that are essential for a systematic and stress free process. I’ll listen to and address all of your questions and concerns, help you deal with potential challenges, recommend the best course of action, and help you navigate through the entire process. Bottom line, my top priority is to protect your rights and your budget. I achieve this every day by helping my clients on a flat fee basis, and without compromising quality counsel. My affordable, flat fee for an uncontested divorce is between $700 and $795, depending on the issue(s) involved.

Experience You Can Count On

As your uncontested divorce attorney, you will benefit from 18 years of experience with all facets of Washington State divorce proceedings, ranging from simple uncontested (no fault) divorces to complex, high dollar, contested divorce proceedings.

Representing One Spouse

I can represent one spouse to handle the drafting of the initial divorce paperwork, in which case if an issue arises that can’t be resolved using a collaborative approach, I have the litigation skills necessary to go to trial on your behalf.

Representing the Agreement
If both parties agree, I can work on behalf of both of them to mediate an agreement and to draft papers based on their mediated agreement. In those cases, should an issue arise that we cannot resolve, each party can find alternate legal representation or the parties can choose to present those issues to the judge on their own.

Service Areas

I can facilitate an uncontested divorce or modification anywhere in Washington state due to the advance in use of technology in most courthouses. In other words, if you’re a Washington State resident who lives in King County Washington, I can help you with your uncontested divorced such that you do not have to set foot in a courtroom.

I understand how emotionally devastating facing a divorce can be and that the last thing you need, on top of the stress you’re already dealing with, are financial problems brought on by an unnecessarily costly divorce. As your uncontested divorce attorney, you can count on me to successfully handle your uncontested proceedings in a fast and cost effective manner. Contact me today at (360) 694 8555 or fill out the contact form on this website. I look forward to working with you.